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For over forty years, Phillips-Medisize has been a key supplier to some of the most well known automotive customers in the world. Phillips-Medisize’s infrastructure of complete resources allows our clients to focus on what’s most important to the automotive market – zero defects, faster cycle times, and lowering overall costs.

Our Expertise

Value-added, responsive approach to rapid prototyping, custom injection molding and functional manufacturing for the automotive market.

Automotive Design, Development, Engineering 

Adhering to ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality standards, tight control to specifications and part repeatability for high-volume and high-cavitation production, Phillips-Medisize provides cutting-edge solutions for even the toughest manufacturing challenges in the automotive industry. 

Rapid prototyping

Phillips-Medisize’s unique Rapid Process Technologies (RPTech™) gives automotive customers a variety of prototyping options to meet any project guideline or budget. Benefits of the RPTech system include: 

  • Prototype quality similar to market-entry, without market-entry lead time and price
  • Quotes provided within 24 hours of receipt of 3D data
  • Prototypes manufactured from specified resin in 5-10 business days
  • Commercial molding tolerances apply, fine tolerances can be achieved on a limited basis or through secondary operations
  • Approximate prototype footprint of 5"x9"x4"
  • Part quantities up to 500 pieces, depending on part complexity and material selection 

Metal injection molding

Phillips-Medisize’s metal injection molding capabilities create molded, metal components ranging in size from as small as 0.013 to 0.375 grams with as-sintered tolerances within 0.003 to 0.005 inches per-inch (0.3-0.5%).

Design for Automotive Manufacturing

  • Equipped to handle high-volume programs numbering in the millions
  • More than 46 years of experience
  • 437,000 square feet of dedicated automotive manufacturing space
  • Prototype part quantities up to 500 pieces depending on complexity and material selection




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